It's easy to make scrambled eggs, but they aren't always correct. If they're cooked over heat that's too high, they can be rubbery, but they can also be goopy.

I like scrambled eggs that are light yellow and fluffy with no rubbery or dry texture, but my favorite way to make them is by boiling water.

I was a bit hesitant when I saw this egg-cooking hack online. I was converted after trying it.

All you need is eggs, salt, and boiling water for this relatively simple process

Raw eggs mixed with a fork in a white bowl
I whisk the eggs in a bowl as the water starts to boil.Paige Bennett

The process begins when I bring a pot of salted water to a boil.

It's time to build a whirlpool. The water is swirling. I put a lid on the eggs while the water is still circling the pot.

Ribbons of scrambled eggs in a pot of boiling water with a lid
Ribbons of eggs quickly swirled around the pot and cooked.Paige Bennett

I put a glass lid on the pot so I can watch as the eggs turn stringy.

I thought it was interesting to watch them cook this way, but I didn't like the idea of eating long strands of eggs.

After straining, these eggs come out light and fluffy with no rubbery texture

Scrambled eggs in a blue bowl with pepper and a pad of butter sit on a wooden table
I like to add some salt, pepper, and butter to my eggs for extra flavor.Paige Bennett

I use a strainer to get the eggs out of the water.

I might have to add some water to the eggs, but otherwise they are light and fluffy.

Adding butter, salt, and pepper to the eggs is something I like to do. They don't make the bread soggy and are creamy.

Even better, the clean-up process with the whirlpool trick is minimal

I might enjoy these eggs on a sandwich with cheese.Paige Bennett

The eggs come out quickly and are easy to clean up. There is no need to remove scrambled eggs from a pan.

I like to spray mine down after I use it to prevent the eggs from sticking, instead of cleaning up a pan that held mostly water and a strainer.

Is there a better way to cook eggs and wash dishes? The whirlpool trick will be used to cook my scrambled eggs.

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