Liz Cheney accused MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell of being "lunacy" over his comments on the integrity of election results.

The Cowboy State Daily was interviewing the man at the Trump rally in Wyoming. He once again claimed that votes were taken from the former president.

"I have more information than anyone else in the world about the presence of an algorithm that went nationwide, from Hawaii to Alaska to California to New York island," he said. The pillow CEO said that politicians who denied his claims were traitors.

He said that any politician saying that was traitor. Wyoming had thousands of votes taken in the presidential election. Almost 10% of your votes are cast in Wyoming. It was all taken.

The election results were influenced by computers.

In Wyoming, we have a name for this. In reply, Cheney said it was "lunacy".

The campaign manager for Cheney hit back at the claim that lawmakers not on board with his claims are traitors.

"For a conspiracy theorist to make baseless claims questioning the integrity of our elections in Wyoming and calling those who don't buy his fantasy traitors is dangerous and wrong," he said.

"Everyone across Wyoming, including the Republican state party leadership, elected officials, and candidates have a responsibility to condemn these allegations and make clear that we won't allow an out-of-state wacko to baselessly attack the integrity of our public servants or question our patriotism," said

Several defendants are being sued by a voting technology company.

The campaign to stop using voting machines in all 50 states is being bankrolled by Lindell.