A lawyer for Kyle Rittenhouse said that they are going to file at least 10 defamation lawsuits against large companies.

Todd McMurtry, Rittenhouse's new attorney, told Fox News Digital that he had been hired to head the effort to determine who to file a lawsuit against.

According to the outlet, McMurtry said he was "assured that there's likely 10 to 15 solid cases that could be filed against large defendants."

McMurtry accused Facebook and its CEO of defaming Rittenhouse. The lawyer said that he would be sued by Rittenhouse due to his large voice.

McMurtry said that they said that he was involved in a mass murder. This was not a large scale murder event. It was obvious that it wasn't true.

He told Fox News Digital that his team was going to look into everything that was said about Rittenhouse.

It's defamation to call someone a mass murderer. The lawyer said that using the power of social media to destroy his character was a serious effort.

McMurtry has represented Nicholas Sandmann in lawsuits against the media.

After a video showing him smirking at activists during a tense standoff near the Lincoln Memorial went viral, he was dubbed the "cougar catholic kid". He sued the media for portraying him as a white nationalist.

The success of Rittenhouse's legal actions against media organizations has prompted him to do the same.

In August 2020, Rittenhouse shot and killed two men and injured a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and was acquitted in November of that year. Rittenhouse and his mother have accused a number of people of defaming him.

According to Rittenhouse, Johnny Depp's victory in court motivated him to pursue his own defamation lawsuits.

You can fight back against the lies in the media if you want.

Rittenhouse said in February that he might be looking at suing the media. He told Tucker Carlson that he was starting a project to raise money to file lawsuits.