Travel problems are not limited to the long weekends. More than 1,300 flights have been canceled in the United States.

American Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest have all canceled hundreds of flights in the U.S. It's time to est.

The airlines were all affected by the storms in Dallas. With bad weather predicted on the East Coast this weekend, operations could be disrupted.

Many people have taken to social media to complain that their attempts to get help online or over the phone have been unsuccessful.

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Ugh @AmericanAir. Canceled my flight at 1:30am. No one available to talk to for customer service. Rescheduling for today was impossible.8hr phone wait this morning. chat feature is useless, wasted my time& just told me everything I already know. Now I miss my dad’s special event

— Kelsey Vizzard (@KelseyVizzard) June 2, 2022

Between Friday and Monday, more than 20,000 flights were delayed or canceled in the United States. The numbers were higher around the world.

Airlines and tourist destinations are expecting monster crowds this summer as travel restrictions are relaxed and Pandemic fatigue is gone.

The airlines were aware of this coming. Last week, Delta announced it would be cutting 100 flights this summer in order to mitigate the impact of factors outside their control. The airline said earlier this year it would cut its schedule in order to reduce summer travel problems.

What happens if my flight is canceled due to weather?

Passengers who are affected by weather can change their flights without penalty.

Affected passengers will be allowed to rebook without change fees. Travelers going to or from Dallas and Fort Worth are covered by the waiver.

Travelers going between Islip, N.Y. and New York Kennedy can take advantage of the waiver. The original ticket must have been purchased by June 1 and can be re booked between June 1-8.

There are a lot of restrictions on the American's website.

Passengers who had planned to travel between New York/Newark, N.J. and New York-Kennedy, N.Y. will not have to pay change fees or difference fares. The original ticket needs to have been purchased by May 30.

Travelers going between Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Dulles are covered by the Waiver. The travel date for the original ticket must have been June 1-2.

Southwest's latest advisories can be found here and Delta's weather advisories can be found here.

If your flight is canceled, what do you have to pay?

When a flight is canceled, airlines are required to give refunds. It doesn't matter if the reason for the cancellation was outside of their control or within their control. It doesn't matter what type of ticket you buy, it doesn't matter.

There is more information on what airlines owe you.

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There were 1,300 cancellation due to the weather on Thursday.