Light, long- lasting, and built to last are some of the qualities of the Chromebooks. Users are faced with a choice, as more Chromebooks shed card-reading ports for future-proof, multi-functionalusb-c ports. If you want to keep using your keyboard and camera, you can either upgrade your peripherals to the newer, faster, and more reliable, or you can get a hub that will allow you to keep using your keyboard and camera. No matter what your needs are, there is a greatUSB-C hub out there for you. You can buy some of the best hubs right now.

What are the best USB-C Chromebook hubs?

Pick the hub that's right for you

Uni USB-C 8-in-1 Hub lifestyle

(Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

The HyperDrive 5-in-1usb-C hub was announced a year ago, but has recently become more widely available. It's supported by the Google initiative, meaning that you shouldn't have a problem using it with any of the best Chromebooks. Hyper started on the iPad and Apple side of the world, and has been there for a while. The hub adds all the ports you might need.

Two years ago, I got the Uniusb-C hub and have been in love with it ever since. I can swap out the short cable it comes with for a longer one to organize cables further away from my Chromebook on my standing desk, it will probably come in handy for you if you work from home. If you are using it for an external monitor, you will need the best cable to ensure the picture does not stutter. It is one of the easiest hubs to pack for frequent travelers or students because it is the size of a credit card with the cables detached.

Are you looking for something more stationary for your office desk? You could upgrade from a hub to a station. A docking station has a power supply, a wide variety of ports, and longer cables so you can keep your desk less cluttered.

Unless you know you are going to be using headphones through it every time you plug it in, you might want to avoid the hub. When I use hubs and docking stations with headphones, it sometimes mixes the input/outputs while using video calling services.