After turning down an offer to join the Congress, poll strategist Prashant Kishor has ruled out a truck with the Grand Old Party.

The Congress would only go down and take everyone with it. He blamed the party for the break in his winning streak.

We won Bihar in 2015. We won Punjab. Jagan Mohan Reddy won the election. We won in Tamil Nadu and Bengal. We lost one election in 11 years. The election in UP. That is the reason I decided not to work with the Congress.

He is on a tour in his home state of Bihar.

Chintan Shivir failed to achieve anything.

The current Congress bosses are such that they will take everyone with them. He said he would also drown if he went.

The Congress had offered to join the "empowered group" for the Lok Sabha polls in 2024, but Kishor declined.

He said that the recent barnstorming session by the Congress party in Udaipur did not achieve anything.

I have been asked to comment on the outcome of the event many times. Kisor said that it failed to achieve anything meaningful other than prolonging the status-quo and giving some time to the Congress leadership.

The Congress held a three-day brainstorming session and a session on the strategy for the upcoming assembly polls. The session was held on the backdrop of a string of electoral defeats and dissent in the Congress party, which saw a sharp decline in the last seven years.

Prashant Kishor declined the Congress offer to join the power group for the polls.

The architect of several successful electoral campaigns over the past decade is 45 years old. He was associated with both Modi and Kumar in their bids to retain their chief ministership.

Kishor has had meetings with the Gandhi family in 2020 as well on a possible tie-up for 2024, the strategist had revealed last year. But the talks did not sail through due to "differences" between the two sides, he had said.