The FAA is against the idea of the next-generation rocket being sent on a test flight.

The FAA said on Tuesday that it needs more time to complete its Programmatic Environmental Assessment of the proposed mission, which is a blow to the plan to launch the highly anticipated maiden orbital flight of its powerful Starship rocket sooner rather than later.

The assessment was launched by the FAA last fall and is looking into whether the launch of SpaceX would pose any kind of hazard to public safety or the environment.

The FAA had been expected to publish the outcome of its review on May 31, but in the latest of a series of delays, it said the review won't be ready until June 13 at the earliest.

The outcome of the FAA's review will determine if the Starship can be launched from the Starbase facility. The company led by Musk will need to take the rocket to another launch site around 1,000 miles to the east if not.

A lot is riding on the first orbital test flight of the Starship rocket, which is being used by NASA to send astronauts to the moon and even Mars.

The Super Heavy first stage and the Starship upper stage are used for the test flight.

After flying on a path designed to take it into space for the first time, the Starship will splash down in the ocean. The mission is expected to take 90 minutes.

The company's ultimate goal is to land both stages of the spaceship on the ground so that they can be used for multiple missions. This would allow the company to launch missions more often while also cutting costs.

If the FAA gives the go-ahead for the launch, the company could send the rocket into space in July or August.

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