An extended silence from the flight deck suggests that both on-duty pilots took a little pisolino.

On-Duty ITA Airways Pilots Fall Asleep In Cockpit During New York – Rome Flight

The incident occurred on May 1, 2022, on the flight AZ605 from New York to Rome. The jet that operated the flight was an A330-200.

The plane flew over France at 38,000 feet and there was a brief period of silence in the cockpit. Italian media reported that the captain and first officer were fast asleep, with repeated calls from control going unanswered.

According to Airways Magazine, the first officer was approved to sleep under a procedure known as controlled rest. The captain was not allowed to sleep.

The pilots woke up as French authorities prepared to dispatch a pair of fighter jets to intercept the A330. The aircraft made a smooth landing at Rome's Fiumicino International Airport.

The captain was removed from service after the incident, but has maintained his innocence, denying that he took a nap and blaming the problem on the radio communication system.


The aircraft was in auto-pilot during the flight crew's snooze and there was no danger to passengers. It helps to explain why the captain faces action. Hopefully it was a radio issue and not unauthorized sleep, though I have doubts.

The image is of ITA Airways.