A woman holds a smartphone with the logo of the payment service Paypal.

In an effort to reduce its spending, PayPal has begun laying off employees from its offices in Chicago, Omaha, Nebraska and Arizona. The financial technology company is shutting down its San Fransisco office, but will not stop hiring.

The latest decision had an impact on 83 workers. The company plans to close its office in San Fransisco. The company is constantly evaluating how they work to ensure they are prepared to meet the needs of their customers and operate with the best structure and processes to support their strategic business priorities.

The company lowered its full-year profit outlook from between $4.60 to $4.75 on a per share basis to $3.81 and $3.93. The Chief Executive Officer of the company said that it was hard to predict the spending habits of consumers on e-commerce platforms as people emerge from the Pandemic lockdown, making it difficult to forecast the year to come. In June of last year, eBay cut ties with its former parent company, and since then, eBay has been moving payments away from the financial platform.

The company wants to cut back on spending. In the first quarter of the year, the company's spending increased by a measly 15%, marking the smallest increase in the past five years.

There are other companies having to deal with layoffs. Several companies have cut their workforce in recent weeks.

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