There are tons of Wear OS watches out there that will fulfill your needs, no matter what type of watch you are looking for. You should check out the watches that support Google Pay if you want to support it. You can leave your wallet at home and use your watch to pay at locations that accept payments with a credit or debit card. The payment option is becoming more common. We have rounded up some of the best watches that support the pay service.

There are a few that are better than the others, and we recommend them above the rest. You have to decide if you're more concerned with features or the design. Many of these options combine the two. The all-new watch models are the Watch 4 Classic and the all-new watch 4.

You will have a gorgeous AMOLED display, a digital or rotating bezel, 40 hours of battery life, a robust health/fitness tracking suite, and outstanding performance. In addition to being one of the best watches that support Pay, theGalaxy Watch 4 is also one of the best watches you can buy. If you want a minimalist design, you should go for the standard model of the watch. On the other hand, if you want to make a fashion statement, you might prefer theGalaxy Watch 4 Classic, with its larger case size and physical rotating bezel.

The arrival of Wear OS 3 is causing some big changes. If you want to upgrade to the new platform next year, you should take the time to determine if the watch you are interested in is eligible. That may affect your final decision.


What about Google Wallet?

Google Wallet example animation

(Image credit: Google)

At the I/O 2022, there were new changes to the payment system. The U.S., Singapore, and India will be the only countries that will not see a change in the name of Google Pay. The rest of the world will see a new logo for Google Pay, but in those regions it will be called Wallet.

There will be no major differences when comparing the two. The new wallet app will offer all of the same features that you already enjoy, with some added benefits such as the ability to store things like your Driver's License or ID, in addition to your various debit, credit, and promotional cards.

You will be able to keep using it once the updated wallet app is released. If you want to ditch that Costanza wallet, you'll need a true digital wallet from Google, which will give you everything you need on the go.