Lewis Hamilton
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The issue of drivers wearing jewellery in the cars is being devoted to by Lewis Hamilton.

The matter was referred for further analysis by the governing body of Formula 1 after a potential stand-off.

The drivers had talks at the race in Spain.

It has not been a problem in the past and there is no reason for it to be a problem now.

Hamilton is the focus of the debate because he wears most jewellery.

The issue has arisen this year after the president of the FIA asked his officials to strictly impose the rules governing race equipment, which forbid drivers from wearing jewellery in their cars.

At the Miami event earlier this month, Hamilton was given a two-race exemption to continue wearing a nose ring he says is fixed in place and would have to be cut off.

That could have led to a stand-off in Monaco this weekend, but the FIA has decided to refer the matter to its medical commission so that the safety implications can be fully studied.

There is a deadline of the end of June for the FIA to come to a position on the wearing of jewellery in cars, how the rules should be applied, and whether changes need to be made.

It was not allowed in the rules because of the perception that it could heighten the risks for drivers in the event of a fire.

Several of the drivers feel that it is a personal matter for them to decide if they want to take that risk.

I feel like there is way too much time and energy being given to this. I have said everything I need to say in the last races, but that is not what my focus is this weekend in Monaco.

I have taken out my ear studs for every time I have been in the car. At the moment, the nose ring is not a problem.

The jewellery rule came in 2005. I think we all wore jewellery during our careers in Formula 1.

It is positive that we are working with the FIA and I think they are accommodating at the moment.

We shouldn't have to revisit this thing every weekend. We have bigger fish to fry.

Kevin Magnussen said that since Miami he has started taking off his wedding ring before getting in the car, despite wanting to wear it, because of the stance taken by the FIA.

I put it in my drawer after they said there was a50,000 fine. Not gonna take the risk.