What Makes for a Quality Online University in Canada

Finding an online university in Canada has never been easier. However, choosing the very best online university Canada has to offer can be a different story entirely. With hundreds of service providers offering access to many thousands of degree programs, who should you entrust with your time, your money and your future? The answer…well, there are essentially eight key considerations you need to take into account, in order to ensure you select the most appropriate online university in Canada to suit your needs, preferences and expectations. Which are as follows: 1. How long has the online college been around? First of all, it’s worth taking into account exactly how long the university you are considering has been in business. Just as some service providers may have only gone into business this year, other Canadian colleges were founded more than a century ago. More often than not, experience represents a strong indicator of quality. 2. Is the college or university accredited? Always ensure that the college or university you are considering is fully accredited. The problem being that when working with an unaccredited online university in Canada, you could find yourself walking away with a qualification that doesn’t count for a great deal in the real world. 3. Where does the college appear in the rankings? You might also want to check out where the college you’re considering appears in the overall national rankings. Carrying out a quick web search is all it takes to find out whether or not this really is the kind of online university in Canada that’s worthy of your time and commitment. 4. Are the college’s students satisfied? Perhaps the single most important statistic you should be looking at when selecting an online university is its student satisfaction rating. After all, nobody is in a better position to assess and evaluate the quality of the college than its past and present students. If it doesn’t have a thoroughly reassuring student satisfaction rate, you might want to look elsewhere. 5. Are there any hidden costs? Always remember that in some instances, the costs applicable to your chosen online degree program may not be the only costs you will need to meet. Some universities apply all manner of hidden charges and administration fees - search for hidden costs and charges before making your final decision. 6. Can the degree program help you reach your career goals? Of course, it’s also worth thinking carefully about whether and to what extent your chosen course will help ensure you reach your ultimate career goals. Ensure you are studying not only the correct subject, but at the appropriate level for your current position and future outlook. 7. What are the program's graduation rates? It’s also worth taking a look at graduation rates – both in terms of the program itself and the college as a whole. This is the kind of thing that will give you an immediate and relatively conclusive idea as to the capabilities and quality of any online university in Canada. 8. Will any travel be necessary? Last but not least, bear in mind that not every degree program offered by every online university in Canada completely eliminates travel and class time from the equation. In some instances, it may still be necessary to attend in-person meetings and assessments along the way. Which, for obvious reasons, is unlikely to prove viable when studying with a college or university located thousands of miles away on the other side of the country.

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