The cover art for Horizon Forbidden West, featuring the protagonist Aloy and a robotic bird.

The video game to television series has been working hard in the last few years, thanks to hits like Castlevania and Halo. We know there are more shows and films on the horizon, and between the Big Three console publishers, Sony is trying harder than most to make their games jump over to another medium. If the idea of watching a game on the big screen wasn't appealing to you, then Sony has a game for you.

The hit sci-fi game will be getting a TV adaptation, according to Sony president Jim Ryan. The series is set in a post- apocalyptic world where machines modeled after animals roam the world, and various pockets of humanity have set up their own tribes and societies to survive in relative harmony with the machines. Zero Dawn, the original game, was a critical and commercial success and the sequel, Forbidden West, came out in February. No creative staff has been announced.

Ryan confirmed the existence of a God of War series for Amazon during that same briefing. The adaptation of Sony Santa Monica's action franchise will be headed up by Wheel of Time's Rafe Judkins. There are no more details about the show beyond that, such as whether it would cover the Greek era of Kratos, or his more recent adventures in the realm of the Vikings.

The acclaimed racing series, Gran Turismo, is the final game to be shown on TV.

If we are adapting things, maybe we could go with the more cartoony franchises instead of the prestige ones. Since you have a wonderful animation studio, you can't go wrong with Sly Cooper and Jak and Daxter. Please?

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