It's important to look for a few specific qualities when searching for the best autousb-c cables. The cable has to be able to handle a lot of things. It could be that you need a replacement for your phone, or that you just want a backup cable for a long road trip. We found some of the bestusb-c cables that you can get

Get road-trip-ready with the best USB-C cables for Android Auto

What are the best Android Auto USB-C cables?

There are cars that support the operating system. It can be difficult to pick the best cable for your phone. The best option forAndroid auto is the Anker nylonusb-C tousb-C cable, which is rated to last six times longer than the competition, thanks to its ultra-rugged design. You can get a lifetime warranty on the cable if you need a replacement.

There are many options to choose from, like the Cable Matters Slim USB C to USB A cable, which is super- short, and the CableCreation Short USB C Cable.

Once you have the right cable, you can download tons of great Android Auto apps that will make your next road trip a breeze and keep you informed and entertained as you travel from Point A to Point B.