J.J. Abrams waves.

According to sources who spoke to the Hollywood Reporter, Bad Robot is under scrutiny at Warner Bros. Discovery. The $250 million deal between Bad Robot and Warner Bros. appears to be lacking in return.

A chunk of the deal went to the sci-fi series Demimonde, which is intended for the Warner Bros. streaming service. Bad Robot is eyeing a spend that is north of $200 million. The budget for House of the Dragon is less than $200 million.

As it stands now, little is known about it. There was only one casting announcement for Danielle Deadwyler as the lead actress.

It's clear that big outlets are interested in big names, and that's whatAbrams is right now. The fact is that the genre film has invested in the man and he is busy. The man has his fingers in almost every major contemporary franchise, including the new Superman movie. The giant to-do list includes just one item. According to sources, there is some frustration within the halls of Warner Bros. Discovery, which has yet to get anything on the air, including a number of DC characters.

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