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A growing number of employees Amazon doesn't want to lose are leaving the company, according to a report. Insider: An internally tracked metric, called "regretted" attrition, has reached an average of 12.1% since June 2021, more than double the average in recent years, according to internal data obtained by Insider. That number had hovered around 5% from 2016 to mid-2021, the data shows. Regretted attrition is the portion of employees Amazon didn't want to see leave, typically through voluntary departures. Separately, Amazon closely follows another metric called "unregretted" attrition, which represents employees it's not afraid to lose, as Insider previously reported. [...] The spike in Amazon's regretted attrition is one of the many fallouts of rising inflation, as wage inflation and competition for talent make it easier for the company's most prized corporate employees to find better opportunities elsewhere. Amazon employees who previously spoke to Insider said the company's relatively low pay, stagnant stock price, and grueling work culture have all contributed to the growing departure rate.


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