After hundreds of episodes, countless burgers of the day, and an endless amount of Belcher hijinks, Bob's Burgers is finally making the leap to the big screen with The Bob's Burgers Movie.

You don't need to watch the show to enjoy the movie. If you want to start watching this charming animated series and don't know where to start, or if you're a fan of the show, you've come to the right place. We have put together a guide of eight essential Bob's Burgers episodes to stream before you see The Bob's Burgers Movies.

Two of the suggested episodes are general all-timers, while the other six are tailored to each of the show's main characters. Bob's Burgers has so many amazing episodes that it's hard to fit them all on this list. Get a burger, put on your bunny ears, and party with the Belchers.

Before you see The Bob's Burgers Movie, check out the eight essential episodes of Bob's Burgers.

Two all-around essential episodes: "Wharf Horse" and "World Wharf II: The Wharfening" (Season 4, episodes 21 and 22)

A man with a mustache wearing a plain white shirt sings to a man with a suit and an eyepatch. They're in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

Oh, nice things are nice. Credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

The two-part finale of Bob's Burgers Season 4 is a must-watch, both because of its overall excellence and because it will set you up for the spinoff film. Wonder wharf is a theme park that is a part of The Bob's Burgers Movie. The wharf is the focus of the two episodes. The brother of the Landlord tries to convince him to sell the wharf so he can put up condominiums.

Bob decided to help Felix out after being tempted by the promise of a burger restaurant on the beach. The plan goes off the rails and the Belchers are in danger. If you only have time to watch one or two Bob's Burgers before running, these episodes give us a double-whammy of killer songs.

The Bleakening is an excellent Bob's Burgers two-parter that can be watched on Season 8, episodes 6 and 7. It is a mandatory holiday viewing.

An essential Bob episode: "Glued, Where's My Bob?" (Season 6, episode 19)

Three children, a woman, and two men stand in a group in a dark bathroom.

Don't look now, but Bob's in a sticky situation. Credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

The 100th episode of Bob's Burgers is one of the best. When Bob was going to be interviewed for Coasters magazine, a Louise prank went wrong and he was stuck in the restaurant's toilet seat. It is a scramble to get him unstuck in time for the interview. This episode shows Bob's hopes and dreams for the restaurant, as well as his loving relationship with his family. Glued, Where's My Bob?, delivers a show-topping musical number with "Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom", which is an absolute banger.

Thanksgiving episodes are always prime Bob episodes, but this one, which is like a Thanksgiving special crossed with a murder mystery, takes the cake.

An essential Linda episode: "Eat, Spray, Linda" (Season 5, episode 18)

A woman with cracked glasses and gum in her hair stands on the side of a road in the country, holding out her thumb.

Is this Linda's worst birthday ever? Credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

It was great because a trip to the grocery store on Linda's birthday sent her on a disastrous odyssey where everything that can go wrong. The rest of the Belchers are trying to find her. Every second of this episode reminds us of why we love Linda, be it her relentlessly positive approach to life, her love for her family, or her infectious catchphrases. Alright!

This is a great showcase of Linda's optimism, theatricality, and all-around star power. Let her do her thing!

An essential Tina episode: "Bad Tina" (Season 2, episode 8)

A girl in a green dress and pink bunny ears, a girl in glasses and a blue shirt, and a boy in a yellow shirt stand on steps outside their school. The girl in glasses is groaning.

Insert Tina groans here. Credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Bad Tina is a quintessential Tina episode, featuring middle school angst, butt, and zombie fantasies. Tina tries to get closer to Jimmy Jr. by hanging out with a cool new girl named Tammy. Tina is told by her family that she is great because she is a hormonal teenager with a penchant for boys, butt, and erotic friend fiction.

Tina gets to go to horse-riding camp. She realized that her time there pales in comparison to her time with her fantasy horse.

An essential Gene episode: "The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee" (Season 5, episode 17)

A girl in a green dress and pink bunny ears, a boy in a burger costume, and a girl in glasses and blue play music outside a restaurant window.

"I want some burgers and fries, I want some burgers and fries!" Credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

If there is one thing Gene Belcher loves more than anything else, it is music. He decided to start a band because he was constantly fiddling with his keyboard in The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee. Gene threatened to quit music entirely because of the conflict between the members. The resolution of the episode is sweet, and Gene's passion for music remains a cornerstone of the show and the movie.

Gene: Watch Season 5, episode 1, "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl." It's Gene's musical vs. his opponent. Which one comes out on top?

An essential Louise episode: "Ear-sy Rider" (Season 3, episode 1)

A girl in a grey hoodie laughs next to a boy holding a skateboard who looks scared. Bikers in leather jackets circle them.

REVENGE! Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Television/Kobal/Shutterstock

What do you think about it? It is likely that it is her famous pink bunny ears. When she loses this important part of her identity, what happens? The chaos of the Ear-sy Rider is caused by the theft of Louise's bunny ears. Louise is at her most ruthless, and it is a delight to watch her scheming play out. No fury like Louise's without her ears.

When Louise comes down with the flu, she dreams that she and her beloved Kuchi Kopi nightlight go on a quest. It is a dream of an episode with musical numbers and a family conclusion.

An essential Teddy episode: "Uncle Teddy" (Season 4, episode 14)

A man on the phone looks under a bed.

Teddy gets more than he bargained for when he babysits the Belcher kids. Credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Teddy has a tendency to get into the lives of the Belchers even when they don't want him there. While Bob and Linda are out of town, Uncle Teddy gets the chance to prove himself as the guardian of the Belcher kids. He bonds with Gene and Louise because of the sink problem. Tina is trying to sneak out to meet a cute boy. It is a treat to watch Teddy interact with the kids so much that he babysits them again later in the season.

If you want more Teddy, you can watch Season 5, episode 3 of Friends with Burger-fits. This is a great episode to watch to better understand the relationship between Bob and Teddy.

Not essential, but excellent eps (for comedy and context)

Three kids in a rock band with a colorful background.

Rock on, Belchers. Credit: FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

The second episode of Bob Day Afternoon introduces lovable criminal Mickey and Sergeant Bosco. The movie features both of them. Some of Louise's most memorable early-Bob's Burgers moments can be found in this episode.

A Bob's Burgers movie wouldn't be complete without a cameo from a guidance counselor and enemy of the children. In this episode, the kids talk about their time at Wagstaff School and all of them say that Frond is the villain. In this episode, we get face time with Frond, but we also get a sense of each child&s imagination, from dangerous robots to farting rock bands and hot zombies.

The Oeder Games is a spoof of The Hunger Games that shows the relationship between the town and the Fischoeder brothers, who play a big role in The Bob's Burgers Movie. The Tina/Jimmy Jr./Zeke love triangle is hilarious.

The Bob's Burgers movie is coming to theaters on May 27.