Ted Cruz appeared to mock other members of the GOP who have claimed to be related to Trump in their primary races.

Cruz came out in support of the congressman in the Alabama Senate primary race at a town hall event on Monday.

I have a philosophy when it comes to Republican primaries. Cruz supports the strongest conservative who can win. We are fighting to save the country.

Have you noticed that in a Republican primary, every candidate comes before you and beats their chest?

I would love to see a Republican primary candidate say that they are a moderate establishment. Cruz said that he stood for nothing.

Every Republican candidate on the planet professes their loyalty to Donald Trump. I love Donald Trump more than ever. Cruz joked that he had Donald Trump tattooed on his rear end.

He criticized these Republicans for not walking the walk, while lauding them for having the strongest conservative record in the Alabama primary.

If you want a proven conservative warrior fighting for you in the Senate, there's one choice, Mo. I would be happy to have your vote tomorrow.

Just days after Donald Trump slammed him on his social media platform, Cruz supported him. An article by the Alabama Political Reporter said that campaign mailers were still bearing Trump's endorsement months after it was withdrawn.

In response to the article, Trump wrote, "Can't do that!"

Cruz is throwing his weight behind the congressman. In contrast, the former president appeared to have forgiven the congressman when he withdrew his endorsement in March, saying the congressman went to sleep on the 2020 election.

The endorsement was pulled in March after a week of considering whether or not to back the congressman. Trump wondered if the former congressman had changed after he was called "disappointing" a week before pulling the endorsement.

When I endorsed Mo, he took a 44-point lead and was unstoppable. He hired campaign staff who convinced him to stop talking about the election. According to the polls, Mo's 44-point lead totally evaporated, and Trump once again referenced baseless claims that the election was stolen from him in favor of President Joe Biden.

Until the endorsement was pulled, he was a Trump ally.

In Alabama, where Trump withdrew his endorsement in the middle of the year, there is a new leader in the polls.