Pep Guardiola celebrates
Pep Guardiola has won 10 league titles in his managerial career - three at Barcelona, three at Bayern Munich and four at Manchester City

After Manchester City won their fourth title in five seasons, their manager said they were legends.

It is the 11th trophy for the Spaniard since he came to England.

We are legends. We will be remembered. The group of players is eternal in this club.

It is difficult to achieve what we did. Sir Alex Ferguson with Manchester United has done it many times, and now I realize the magnitude of it. We are part of this.

City were 2-0 down to Villa with 15 minutes left before substitute Ilkay Gundogan scored twice, either side of Rodri's goal, in a sensational five-minute comeback.

Had they not won, they would have won the title.

‘We feel legends’ - Guardiola delighted with title win

The last game is always special because of the emotion. We had to deal with it.

It's because these guys are so special that they win the premier league four times in five seasons.

Winning in front of our people is the best. We had the feeling that we had the chance to score the third.

It was the best atmosphere I have ever lived in. Hopefully tomorrow we can celebrate with our cigars and beers. I will bring my cigars.

Manchester City retained their title despite the fact that the Reds won at home to Wolves.

The top two teams in the league lost just five games.

The magnitude of the achievement is related to the magnitude of our rival and I have never seen a team like that before.

They have made us better and better each week.

He was asked if he would stay beyond his current contract, which expires at the end of next season.

Every season is more difficult. I would not betray the club, they give me the most incredible moments in my life, but I have to feel it, the players have to feel it, and the club has to feel it.

It is time to celebrate. We are a champion again.

'I was nearly crying when I had it in my hands'

Grealish thrilled to win title in 'perfect way'

When Jack Grealish got his hands on the trophy after joining City, he said he was almost crying.

It was the first time in 17 years that City had come back from 2-0 down to win.

I have had a few moments in my life and in football, but this is definitely up there. Grealish told Radio 5 Live that he had come to win trophies and to do it was unbelievable.

I didn't think we were going to win. Sometimes you have bad feelings in your head, and I didn't think we were going to do it.

The forward said that the team pushed City to achieve more success.

He said that they know how difficult it will be with the teams they have.

Every year, they push us to the wire and this is why we achieve things like this.

Kevin de Bruyne, who was named the player of the year earlier this week, said his side fought until the end because they had nothing to lose.

You just go for it, you are losing anyways. He said that you want to change the situation.

'Proud to bring this title to Ukraine'

Oleksandr Zinchenko
Oleksandr Zinchenko was in tears at full-time as he wore the Ukrainian flag across his shoulders

The second goal for Rodri was set up by Oleksandr Zinchenko, who came on at half-time for Manchester City.

He draped a Ukrainian flag across his shoulders and then wrapped it around the trophy.

He said that these are unforgettable emotions for him, for all of the Ukrainians who are starving because of Russian aggression.

I am proud to be Ukrainian and to bring this title to all of the Ukrainian people.

I would die for these people and their support. I will never forget what people have done for me during the toughest period of my life, and I am so appreciative.

'You won't get many better seasons'

If City had missed out on a trophy this season, it would have been a travesty, according to Martin Keown.

Alan Shearer said: "What a team, what a season and what a standard of football we have witnessed."

It is just unbelievable what Manchester City and the other teams have at their disposal. It was a great day for the neutral.

I was nervous and I don't really care who wins it, so god knows what those supporters are going through. Incredible.

'We chased the best team in the world'

Liverpool 3-1 Wolves: Jurgen Klopp congratulates Manchester City on 'well-deserved' title

It was a joy to work with his players each week, but they needed more consistency in the first half of the season to beat City and win the title.

He said they had pushed the best team in the world to the final day.

He said finishing second is the story of his life. We did not get more points than every other team.

The boys gave their absolute best and that was what they did again. The best team in the world was chasing us. That is absolutely special. We will build a team again and go again.

The boys played an insane season. This is not the end, but a result of the season.

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