Video footage has emerged of concertgoers chanting an anti-war message to protest the invasion of Ukraine.

The video was shared by the Russian opposition politician Lubov Sobol.

The concertgoers can be heard shouting "fuck the war" repeatedly in Russian.

—Соболь Любовь (@SobolLubov) May 21, 2022

The anti-war chanting took place at a concert for the Russian band Kis-Kis at the A2 Green Concert venue in St Petersburg on Friday night.

An anti-war protest was held at a concert earlier this week. The lead singer of the band DDT, a Russian rock band, was prosecuted after speaking out against Putin at a performance.

His speech has been shared on social media. In a version of the video, subtitled in English, Shevchuk said that people of Ukraine are being murdered. For what? Our boys are dying. For what? What are the goals, my friends?

The video shows that he said that mothers, children, and the elderly are dying due to the plans of another Caesar.

Shevchuk said that the motherland is not the president's ass that has to be slobbered and kissed all the time.

The Russian military is accused of defaming them and Shevchuk faces a fine of up to $50,000.

According to the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, over two thousand people have been charged with administrative offenses for defaming the Russian army.