• Ft. Smith Southwest Times Record

    A bear was caught on a Fort Smith front porch camera.

  • The outer loop of Five Mile Drive in Point Defiance Park was closed by Metro Parks on Thursday.

  • The Biden Commerce Department is making us dependent on foreign oil.

  • The actor-director brought two episodes of "The Last Movie Stars" to the festival that often featured the couple.

  • According to the lawsuit, the crash caused the man to lose his left arm.

  • The owner changed the name of the home to keep people away.

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    Sony's intelligent noise canceling headphones feature premium sound.

  • State College Centre Daily Times

    Authorities say that used cars with high miles were sold with lower mileage.

  • The Texas senator was reminded of a low point in his career.

  • The Pistons have the fifth pick in the NBA draft in June.

  • Users on social media voted for the best drone of 2022, and the final offer is a massive 60% discount. The prices will never go as low. Soon, the offer ends.

  • American City Business Journals

    The lidar sensors of Luminar Technologies avoided possible deadly accidents, while the camera-based Autopilot system didn't.

  • There were paw prints in the dirt.

  • After the weigh-ins, Holly and Ketlen came face-to-face for the first time.

  • You may be paying too much for your internet.

  • AZCentral | The Arizona Republic

    The buffer we have worked so hard to protect could be wiped out next year if the May forecast is correct.

  • It was not the only place in the state to get a nod.

  • I tried plain hot coffee from Sonic, Wendy's, Burger King, and McDonald's to see which had the best cup.

  • New solar light makes your yard colorful and prevents tripping.

  • There are always a few things I do to make sure I only buy groceries that are in good shape. It's not fun to discover that half the eggs I bought are cracked, or that the lunch meat is rotten. A cursory inspection of the right details while shopping can make sure you don't have to give up your money.

  • Vilain could haunt the teams that he plays for.

  • The woman in the photos was wearing body paint that said "Stop Raping Us" on her chest.

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    The 10 least reliable cars are ranked by their reliability score.

  • That is the #Bills right now.

  • I'm writing to you because I'm on the floor. I get night sweats when I don't sleep and I feel crippled with anxiety. I went to my GP to see if it was the menopause, but he told me it was too early for me to take drugs. They aren't working. I don't know what to do. I don't feel like myself. Please help.

  • Howard Dean, the former DNC chair and governor of Vermont, spoke on The Beat With Ari Melber about the controversy surrounding Fox News following the mass shooting in a Buffalo, New York supermarket. The racist replacement theory has been pushed on Fox for years by both guests and hosts. Murdoch has harmed this country more than any other human being in my lifetime, and I see the brand of Fox being hate, anger, dishonesty, and now murder. Really? Are you going to take this seriously? Dean said that he is dangerous because he has a lot of people who believe in this nonsense. He is a danger to the United States of America. We should boycott Fox since we can't take him off the air.