The airline industry has changed a lot over the years. Premium travel is more comfortable than ever before, and travel is more accessible than ever before. Flying in general has become another form of transportation, and isn't treated in the same way it used to be.

It is fun to look back at what the airline industry used to be like. Most old airline stuff is cool, but then you have some pretty cringeworthy stuff, which makes you realize that we have come a long way.

Lord have mercy…

I uploaded some videos from Pan Am to YouTube last week. I think many of you will enjoy some of the videos that are now online, so I wanted to update this post.

Pan Am’s old training videos

The Pan Am Museum Foundation is uploading all kinds of retro airline videos to YouTube. Pan Am's training videos are arguably the most interesting. In each video, you see how a customer interaction should be handled, and then you see how a customer interaction should be handled.

Pan Am has a training video about how to deal with passengers who request an upgrade.

Pan Am has a training video about how to deal with passengers who miss their connection.

Pan Am has a training video about how to deal with a passenger smoking in the non-smoking section of the plane.

Other interesting Pan Am employee videos

There are several other videos that are more interesting than the ones that show how you should and shouldn't handle certain situations. I like the ones that show conflict between flight attendants.

Below is a video of two flight attendants arguing over who is in charge of the galley.

There is a video about Miss Upper Deck who doesn't want to help the flight attendants on the lower deck.

There is a situation where a passenger smokes a cigarette in the flight attendant's jump seat, and then the flight attendant gets in trouble with the purser for how she approached the customer, because customers were allowed to smoke in flight attendant jump seats back.

There is a video about how employees should be careful about what they say in front of passengers. It talks about how employees should act when traveling. I think this is something that many airline employees could use a reminder on.

The below video shows how flight attendants should maintain a professional image even when not at the airport, because customers could be watching.

There is a training video about Pan Am service techniques. Watching this reminded me that major US airlines have room for improvement.

Bottom line

I like old airline ads and training videos. Some I enjoy for the cringe factor, and some I enjoy because they are pretty impressive, and a good reminder of how service at airlines should be. The Pan Am videos present both how things should and shouldn't be done, which you don't usually see.

I enjoy these Pan Am videos the most.

The tip of the hat is used to view from the wing.