A new report indicates that Apple may be getting closer to its grand unveil of a mixed-reality headset, which is rumored to be the first step into augmented and virtual reality.

At a quarterly meeting, Apple's board got a sneak peek at the company's upcoming mixed-reality headset. Eight independent directors and CEO Tim Cook attended the meeting.

Apple VR Headset Concept by Antonio De Rosa.
Antonio De Rosa

According to unnamed sources, the report indicates that Apple demonstrated the headset's capabilities.

The operating system for the headset is called RealityOS and is being developed by Apple. Apple uses an OS naming scheme for its products.

The headset was supposed to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but had to be delayed due to overheating. Supply chain issues and inflation have made it difficult for the tech industry in general.

There are conflicting rumors about what Apple's mixed-reality headset will look like. Most rumors agree that there will be cameras and sensors to allow you to see the outside world.

Micro-LED displays with an amazing 8K resolution for both eyes is likely. There might be more than one display for peripheral vision. According to an Apple analyst, iris recognition might be included in those glasses.

The headset will most likely be powered by Apple Silicon, which is more powerful than the current M1. A chip that is highly energy efficient would be perfect for a Wearable. Hopefully, Apple can work out overheating issues.

Looks like #Apple just accidentally confirmed #RealityOS. 🥽

Whoops!https://t.co/IEowqdVcf2 pic.twitter.com/LsNRRalGld

— matthewdavis.eth (@IAmMatthewDavis) February 9, 2022

RealityOS has been seen in Apple code a number of times. Matthew Davis found references to realityOS on an Apple page.

Other companies like Meta have experience with virtual and augmented reality. Project Cambria is aiming to replace a laptop and work setup.

Apple may be one of the few companies that can truly challenge Meta.

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