Kit Connor and Joe Locke Heartstopper
Kit Connor (Nick) and Joe Locke (Charlie) in "Heartstopper

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Heartstopper is one of the most popular new shows on the internet, it has spent three weeks in the top 10 on the internet and has been viewed over 14,000,000 hours. It is one of the best-reviewed series on the internet, with a 100% Certified Fresh rating on review-aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.

The show centers around a friendship between two high school boys that quickly blossoms into something more.

If you've already watched all eight episodes of Heartstopper, and you're looking for something else like it, we've rounded up 13 shows and movies to check out next. Our picks include sitcoms, dramas, and school settings. All of our recommendations are fresh on the site.

Check out 13 shows and movies to stream if you liked 'Heartstopper'

Sex Education Lily & Ola 1
Tanya Reynolds and Patricia Allison in "Sex Education"

Sex Education can be watched on Netflix.

Sex Education is aimed at viewers who are a little older than the target audience of Heartstopper, and it offers a different kind of representation in the young adult genre. One of the greatest things about Sex Education is that it shows viewers that there is more than one way to be queer.

Eric is openly gay and incredibly confident, Adam is pansexual and Florence is asexual. Cal, a new non-binary student, is introduced in season three.

Julie and the Phantoms alex and willie
Owen Patrick Joyner and Booboo Stewart in "Julie and the Phantoms."
Eike Schroter/Netflix

Julie and the Phantoms can be watched on Netflix.

Julie and the Phantoms is an original series that comes from renowned director/choreographer Kenny Ortega. Julie is a high school student and musician. She accidentally summons the spirits of three teenage bandmates who died in 1995 when she starts making music again. As the only living person who can see them, Julie bonds with the bandmates and helps them cope with their losses.

Alex, one of the band members, is openly gay and has been since he was still alive. Alex's main plotline focuses on joy, and he meets another ghost, Willie, and the two of them begin a relationship.

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