writer wearing an orange striped shirt and orange paper-bag pants with an X drawn to her shirt, next to photo of her wearing a white-botton down shirt and jeans with an arrow pointing to her wrist
My style is very casual and classic, but I'd love to add some flair to it.Paige Bennett
  • I asked my stylist to make 5 of my go-to outfits more stylish.

  • I was told by the stylist that I should work more accessories into my looks.

  • I was told to add a blazer to my wardrobe and wear warmer tones to compliment my skin tone.

I live in Los Angeles and have a laid-back location that has translated into my closet.

I mostly wear loose-fitting clothes in neutral tones, with a few leopard-printed items mixed in. I was the best-dressed high schooler and used to be much more stylish.

I have spent more time worrying about what others think of me. I stopped buying trendy items covered in sequins or bold colors in favor of more simplistic outfits that don't draw much attention.

My top priority these days is comfort, as a person who works from home and myself. If my partner and I want to grab drinks after work, I will already be ready to go because I want to feel put together.

Even though I like that everything in my current wardrobe goes together, I would like to go back to my younger self with some more daring choices.

I asked Jane Igah, founder of The Doe Online, to help me upgrade my outfits and feel more confident in my daily looks.

For look one, Igah suggested a new hairstyle and dark-green accessories

The writer on a balcony wearing Patterned button-down dress, rust-colored heels.
Look one: Patterned button-down dress, rust-colored heels.Paige Bennett

I wore a dressier outfit to start the style clinic. It is something I have worn to wine tastings in Northern California and date nights in Downtown LA.

It always feels like something is missing when I put this look together.

A flatlay of a rust-colored dress with a green animal print and rust-colored heels
A flatlay of a rust-colored dress with a green animal print and rust-colored heels
I love the pattern of this dress.Paige Bennett

Adding a necklace or earrings and pulling my hair into a bun would elevate the look.

I think the olive would have been a beautiful color to pull from for accessories, such as your shoes and bag.

I hope to find more accessories that complement the dark green spots because she loved the colors of the dress.

I'm a casual dresser, and Igah suggested sticking to a color palette for my layered looks

The writer wearing a Beige cadigan, black-and-white striped shirt, jeans, and brown boots on a balcony
Outfit two: Beige cardigan, black-and-white striped shirt, jeans, and brown bootsPaige Bennett

This is a common outfit for me. If I want to grab coffee, I usually pair a plain or striped tank top with a long, loose cardigan, jeans, and a pair of ankle boots.

This is one of my go-to outfit formulas.Paige Bennett

This look is fine, but would look better if I stuck with the colors of the tank top.

She suggested adding a white or black sweater and replacing the brown boots with black. I said if I wanted to stick with my beige sweater, it would look better with boots in a similar color.

My classic outfit was missing something, so the stylist said to bring in another layer and jewels

the writer on a balcony wearing white button down, dark pants, and snakeskin boots on a hardwood floor
Outfit three: A white button-down shirt, dark jeans, and snakeskin boots.Paige Bennett

I think button-down tops look great with jeans or skirts, and I own a lot of them. I usually pair one of these tops with jeans and boots.

The look is practical but unfinished.

white button down, dark pants, and snakeskin boots on a hardwood floor
I love the patterned shoe.Paige Bennett

This is like a classic J. Crew Era, except you don't have a third-piece, which ties the entire look together.

She suggested I pair this with a navy or black blazer and statement necklace, which could take this look up a notch.

The statement necklace and a nice watch would be ideal to emphasize that edge.

The plain T-shirt is great for running errands, but a light jacket would complete the look

Outfit three: Gray T-shirt, blue jeans, and leopard slip-on shoes.Paige Bennett

I like to wear a variation of this outfit a lot because Plain T-shirts and jeans are comfy and functional. I will sometimes add a small necklace or ring to feel more put together.

gray T-shirt, blue jeans, and leopard slip-on shoes on a hardwood floor
Leopard print is one of my favorites.Paige Bennett

I offered great suggestions to make my most casual outfits look cool.

She suggested adding graphic high socks for a pop, then wearing a hoodie in black or gray for a cozy look at home.

She suggested I add a blazer and swap out my slip-on shoes for black boots if I wanted a more polished look.

For my final look, Igah suggested I commit to an all-formal or all-casual look for more cohesion

Outfit five: Striped T-shirt, paper-bag pants, and loafers.Paige Bennett

One of the more daring options in my closet is the orange paper-bag pants, but I am not sure what to wear with them.

I have worn them with a sweater in the same tone of orange and cream, but more recently, I have been wearing them with an orange-and-cream striped T-shirt.

I struggle to style these paper-bag pants.Paige Bennett

If I wore a white button-down top tucked into my pants, it would be a better match.

She said the striped top was a better match for joggers and sneakers.

If you want to take it all the way casual, I would swap out the high.

Igah praised my general sense of style, but offered great tips for making every outfit look and feel complete

Although my outfits are pretty comfortable and practical for my day-to-day life as a person who works from home, Igah said I'm missing out on key elements that can help my outfits look finished even though I'm wearing them.

She suggested that I increase my accessories to complement my skin tone.

She shared that accessories are the mother of rounding out an outfit.

I have been adding jewelry and sweaters to my wardrobe slowly. I found a blazer that is soft and suitable for working from home.

I am looking forward to putting her tips to practice, whether I am buying groceries or going out for drinks with friends.

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