Every year around Memorial Day, REI introduces its big anniversary sale, just as bears emerge from hibernation and birds migrate in the spring. The event lasts from May 20 to May 30. There are many items that are up to 30 percent off, but members of the REI Co-op can save up to 20 percent off any full-price item of their choice and an extra 20 percent off on any REI Outlet item with the code ANNIV22.

Some of our favorite selections have been highlighted. If you don't see anything you need, be sure to check out our summer guides to the Best Action Cameras, Best Portable Grills, and Best Reusable Water Bottles.

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City dwellers don't have room for a kayak in their apartments, so paddling is an easy entry into water sports. Oru's foldable kayaks are easy to store and transport, and they don't go on sale very often. This kayak is only suitable for flat water. It folds out in a matter of minutes. You will probably need a personal flotation device and a paddle.

There are fitness and apparel deals.

There is a photograph of Garmin.

You don't need to spend more than $200 on a running watch if you're just starting out. If you want to track your pace and distance more accurately, you can use the gps-enabled Forerunner series from garmin. Check out our guide for more recommendations.

The brand nameCamelbak is synonymous with the way Q-Tip is used.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you'll find buffs useful. I use my headband to keep my hair out of my eyes, sweat off my forehead or neck, or as a half-mask to keep dust out of my bike helmet, when it's raining or chilly outside.

The shoes are called Xero Shoes.

Scott Gilbertson, a senior writer at WIRED, loves these sandals so much that he wrote an entire essay about them. He has a guide to the Best Barefoot Shoes.

Like its tents, the rain jackets from REI offer great value. In our guide to the best rain jackets, the Rainier is a perennial affordable pick.

If you don't like the fit of the Norwegian sportswear, it could be a good option. I have tested this jacket and it layers well under my shell. The How to Layer guide can be found here.

You can get more deals if you are an REI member. Several of us own a light, little day pack. This one is made from Bluesign-approved materials and solution-dyed in a way that reduces water consumption. Other pack options are included in the Hiking 101 guide.

There are camping and cooking deals.

Poler has a napsack.

Photograph: Poler

I have nothing to say about this bag except that you need it. My children and I have our own, and we all stay around the campsite like parasites, much to my spouse's irritation. The camp is called Camp Slanket. You will wear it. All. The. Time.

In our testing for the Best Tents, we found that REI's offer incredible value for the money. I have used a tent for a decade. It's hard to find another backpacking tent with these specifications, which include a rainfly, footprint, guylines, and stuff sack.

My own backpacking stove is an older version of theMSRWhisperlite, which is one of the best backpacking gear. This all-in-one system comes with a pot that screws onto the burner. If your two camp stove burners are occupied with pancakes and eggs, it's a great backpacking stove and an extra boiler set.

The Hydro Flask 16-Ounce Tumbler has 16 ounces.

Photograph: Hydro Flask

I have to replace my insulated tumblers for both hot and cold beverages every year. How do these disappear? You can check out our Best Travel Mugs guide for more.

You can use portable power stations for more than just making sure you can work at base camp. I use this one in my kit to charge my electronic devices. Check out our guide to the best portable charging devices.

You can use your power station to replenish your electric cooler so you don't have to take up a lot of real estate. It can be powered from an outlet or a solar panel.

I don't have an excuse for not giving these chopsticks a try, but they are balanced and weighted so you can feel good in your hand. If it is beautiful and you enjoy holding it, you will use your gear more often. Check out our guide to the best reuse products.

There are biking and climbing deals.

The Townie 7D is a step-through cruiser.

Photograph: Electra

If you can find a bike in stock, go for it. Trek is the owner of Electra. The low Flat Foot geometry means you can sit comfortably upright while placing both feet firmly on the ground. The electric version is not on sale.

My kids will learn how to ride a bike in the summer. If you are a member, you can swap your child's bike for a larger one.

If you're still avoiding indoor gyms because of the ongoing Pandemic, you can use a hangboard over one of your doorways to do pull-ups and maintain your finger strength. I own a very simple one.

If you are a serious cyclist who rides for hours and hours, a wrist Wearable is not going to cut it for you. The Edge has two-way messaging for when you are off the grid, and it is compatible with other devices, like a chest strap heart-rate monitor or a radar sensor that helps detect passing cars.

A bike game.

Photograph: Wahoo Fitness

If you have a world-beating quad, a lot of money, and not a lot of space, then you need a bike simulation that can replicate the feel of your bike, ride, and shifters. You can also ride your bike on one of the trainers.

Your helmet should have technology that will allow it to spin around your head in the event of a crash. As a bonus, Nutcase helmets make you look more like a skateboarder than you are.

Is padded gloves good for cycling and spinning? They do. For the duration of the sale, REI is offering 25 percent off all Pearl Izumi gear.

The New York bike chain lock is made of Kryptonite.

Photograph: Backcountry

I use a highly rated chain lock because I have a cargo bike and don't like messing around to make a U-lock work with both my bike and standard bike racks. There are a lot of bike locks on sale.

I always put this on over my clothes if I am running or biking at night. I forget I'm wearing it, but cars don't.