What do you do when someone accuses you of sexual misdeeds?

The answer seems to be to jet off to Brazil and meet with the country's president about business matters, while posting a rant about how you didn't try to trade a horse for sex.

The richest man in the world is accused of showing his erect genitals to a flight attendant on a plane, and he paid $250,000 to keep the story quiet.

This is not the first time that Musk has been accused of sexual harassment, he told Insider of the allegations.

The New York Times pointed out this morning that the alleged nondisclosure agreement is a particular flashpoint in the saga since Musk has been talking about free speech.

Many had already pointed out the irony of that type of language for Musk, who has a history of shutting down others when it was inconvenient to him. There is a spotlight on that mismatch because of the alleged sexual misconduct and subsequent hush money.

Musk has a troubled history of relationships with women. Vice pointed out that he didn't follow a single woman on social media. After it was revealed that his ex was dating a trangender woman, he made fun of them.

Last year, he deleted several sexist messages that made women feel uncomfortable in science and tech.

One critic wrote that it might be because it was by one of the most powerful men in the world. Maybe it is because if I am bothered by it, it will be a joke.

If that type of behavior has bled over into Musk's professional life to the degree that he propositioned an employee for sex, it deserves a serious response.

He kept that appointment with the Brazilian president before going away to talk about monitoring the Amazon.

He spent the entire period that the story was coming out announcing his support for the Republican party.

It's worth noting that his deal to buy Twitter seems to be falling apart at the same time that he's lost more than $100 billion.

It is anyone's guess where he will go next, but if Brazil is any indication, maybe we will see some more globetrotting.

There are more things that aren't Musk's fault.