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TikTok is testing games in Vietnam ahead of a push into the space. A company representative said that they are always looking at ways to enrich their platform and regularly test new features.

According to the sources, the plan is for ad-supported games that draw from the library of its parent company, ByteDance, which could boost revenue and increase the amount of time people spend on the TikTok app.

Disco Loco 3D
Disco Loco 3D
Image: Zynga

Garden of Good is an in-app mini-game where players can earn points and use them to make a donation, as it was created by TikTok and Feeding America. Disco Loco 3D, an endless runner that could work inside the app, is just the start of TikTok's gaming ambitions, according to new reports.


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The Chinese predecessor to TikTok has games, and other companies have recently made inroads into mobile gaming. TikTok has tested streaming software for games with its Live Studio for PCs and allowed certain creators to add more interactivity by including mini-apps in videos.

The product intelligence firm Watchful says that TikTok is working on a number of features. They include games to help streamers engage with viewers, including a Pictionary-like game, a treasure box, and a shopping experience.