A new video released by Ukrainian officials appears to show a deadly strike on Russian troops.

In the footage, 10 figures are seen navigating and taking cover in the trench before the video cuts to aerial shots of explosions and smoke over their position.

The video has a dubstep soundtrack in the background and shows what Ukrainian officials said was a Russian BMP taking fire. The BMP is a Russian infantry fighting vehicle, one version of which is unofficially dubbed the "Terminator" by its manufacturers.

At the end of the video, which was posted on the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communication's Telegram channel, the vehicle disappears in a smoke.

It is not known how many casualties were inflicted or what weapons were used.

This is what the demilitarization of Russians by Ukrainian defenders looks like, according to the video's caption.

The caption said that the 25th airborne brigade of the Ukranian army attacked the BMP.

Official Western sources have not verified the number of Russian troops killed by the Ukrainian forces.

Russia has not updated its death toll numbers since March 25, when it reported that 1,351 of its troops had been killed in the conflict.

According to the UK's defense ministry, a third of Russia's invading ground forces have likely been wounded or killed.