The second Artificial Intelligence Day will be held on August 19, 2022, according to CEO Musk. That is the same date as last year.

Musk said the event will feature many cool updates, including a preview of the upcoming robot.

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There is a technical playground designed to lure artificial intelligence experts to work for the company. The event had some interesting news last year.

The first mention of theTeslaBot was made during the inaugural Artificial Intelligence Day. It is a sentient humanoid robot that is designed to operate dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks. During the Cyber Rodeo event in Austin, Musk said that production of the first version of the robot might start in 2023.

During the event, the company showed a rendering of Cybertruck, an artificial intelligence presentation, and unveiled its powerful Dojo supercomputer.

The Full Sell-Driving (FSD) system, which has been available as a preview to some users since October 2020, but a broadly available version keeps getting delayed, hopefully, this year the company will spend some time talking about it.