• Let us pity white people. The real victims are them.

  • When she told her children about her breast cancer diagnosis, their dada stood by mama and we fought this.

  • Few know that Amazon has millions of Prime subscribers.

  • The New York Times investigation found that Carlson promoted elements of the white supremacist theory in more than 400 episodes.

  • The murder of 10 people who were mostly Black at a Buffalo grocery store was a terrible act of violence. The 18-year-old white male terrorist responsible for the gruesome killings shot down innocent victims in a Black neighborhood.

  • Musk didn't specify which Trump aides he thought did a good job, but he said the Biden administration doesn't seem to get a lot done.

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  • Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, spoke candidly about her struggles with mental health and eating disorders, and how it relates to the use of social media.

  • Jaleel White is synonymous with his character, Steve Urkel, on Family Matters. The actor played three other characters.

  • A reporter asked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy if he would comply with a subpoena he received from the select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol. McCarthy was subpoenaed by the January 6 panel. The reporter inquired about a tape recording of McCarthy speaking to Republicans in which he said that former President Trump bore some responsibility for the January 6 insurrection.

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  • Pennsylvania Republicans could pay the price because Oz and McCormick forgot to look downstream.

  • Anyone who protests in front of a private residence in Florida will face jail time and fines under a bill signed by the governor. The governor said the new law will prevent protests like those in front of the Supreme Court in Virginia.

  • Some commentators have questioned why more mothers aren't breastfeeding their babies.

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  • The host of Fox News referred to Rep. Dan Crenshaw as a former Navy Seal who lost his eye in combat.

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that joining NATO makes no difference.

  • Musk described himself as a moderate who is neither Republican nor Democrat, and said his purchase of Twitter wouldn't be a right-wing takeover.

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  • Scott pushed back on the argument that abortion would benefit single Black mothers in the future. Scott, in an op-ed published by The Washington Post on Tuesday, said that he was stunned by the comments made by Yellen.

  • German Finance Minister Christian Lindner told four European newspapers that he was open to the idea of seizing Russian state assets to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine and that proposals to that effect were already being discussed among the G7 and in the EU. The Kremlin spokesman told reporters that the initiative would be illegal, blatant and of course requiring an appropriate response. It would be an act of theft.

  • The mom of four girls says she has a problem with kids growing up too fast.

  • I only got 7 correct.

  • Many homeowners in the U.S. are afraid of paying high property taxes and don't know they can appeal.

  • A sixth-grade journalist showed off his interviewing skills during a press briefing with the White House. The young reporter for the children's network Nick News impressed the room as she asked Psaki some thoughtful questions.

  • The Security Service of Ukraine reports that it has neutralised a network of Russian Federation agents who were involved in sabotage and espionage.