The biggest changes will be coming to the company's app after it spun out of Harley- Davidson.

The updated bikes will come with a host of new software features. The company says that the e-bike maker will be among the first to integrate the software into its vehicles after it was selected as a strategic eMobility partner by the company.

The software-enabled e-bikes will allow owners to track their trips and collect data

The software-enabled e-bikes will allow owners to track their trips, collect data, and improve safety and security. The trend in the e-bike industry is to install bikes with cloud- connected software as an additional selling point.

The centerpiece of the partnership will be the Serial 1 app, which will allow owners to see turn-by-turn navigation, collect ride data, and control security features on their bike. The company is promising more high-tech features to come thanks to its access to the cloud and integration with the cloud.

A stronger connection will be ensured between the bike and the user's phone. Serial 1 bikes use cellular and gps technology to ensure that owners can connect to their bikes even if they are not in their line of sight.

In October 2020 Harley- Davidson spun out its electric bike company, called Serial 1. There are four bikes in its current lineup, ranging in price from $3,399 to $4,999. Mosh/Cty is a city bike and Rush/Cty is a commuter bike. The Rush/Cty Speed, which can go 28mph, is the only one that comes with a mid-drive motor capable of generating 250W of continuous power and hitting top speeds of 20mph.

The second-generation bikes will have the same engines. Most of the changes are hidden. There are improved security features, such as flashing lights and real-time locations.

Most of the major changes are under the surface

Better navigation will be provided by the integration of the Serial 1 app with Google Maps. The bike's powertrain is made by Brose, a German company that also makes the bike's simplified digital displays, so users will have to mount their phones on the handlebars to benefit from these features.

The virtual garage will allow owners to name, track, and manage their e-bikes. This will include a new dashboard for owners to monitor their bike's ride data, including speed, distance, range, power output (both for the rider and the battery), efficiency, and state-of-charge, among other metrics. The owners of serial 1 can record their rides. Automatic service updates will be provided when their bikes are in need of a tune-up.

The second- generation bikes will have the same look and controls. I liked the bikes when I tried them out last year. The team that developed the batteries for LiveWire motorcycles also developed batteries for serial 1. The batteries are mounted very low on the frame, which helps with mass centralization and improved handling.

Major manufacturers like Giant, Trek, and Specialized, which sell premium e-bikes for high-end customers, are being targeted by serial 1 with this new update. The connected software in the Turbo lineup has been promoted by specialized. The company just announced that it was spinning out its own brand called Globe that will focus on utility e- bikes.