If the US wants to stay on par with China, it needs to stop infighting, according to Musk, who said that China will grow up to three times the size of America because of its strong work ethic.

Everything is not a plot by the Chinese government. There are a lot of hard-working, smart people in China who want to get ahead and get things done.

The US leads China in GDP. The most recent data from the World Bank shows that the United States has a GDP of over $20 trillion. In the past 30 years, China's GDP growth has outpaced the US.

Musk criticized Americans for fighting among themselves rather than focusing on the economy.

Musk said that there is too much of America punching itself in the face. There is a new kid on the block that is going to be two or three times our size.

He told them to stop fighting and to step up their game.

The billionaire said that his electric carmaking company,Tesla, has been able to stay competitive in China because of their Chinese team.

In terms of work ethic,Tesla is pretty far out there. Musk said that the work ethic of the company in the US is more than any other car company or large manufacturing company.

He said that the work ethic of the China team was better than that of the US team.

During a May 10 interview with the Financial Times, Musk praised China's workforce as super-talented and hard-working. They will be burning oil at 3 a.m., he said.

Musk told companies to put less emphasis on political views in the workplace when asked by a panelist to expand on his point about infighting in the US.

The purpose of a company is to produce useful products and services for other people. He received applause from the audience and said that it was not a political gathering place.