Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The alleged attacker in the Buffalo, New York attack used the social networking site Discord to discuss and share his plans.

The suspect is said to have used a private server on the popular chat service to describe his intentions to carry out an attack. He shared information about his attack plan and white supremacist views. The suspect mentioned the terrorist who attacked a mosque in New Zealand more than 30 times and used racist slurs.

Discord wanted to ensure “another event like Charlottesville isn’t planned on our platform”

As soon as we became aware of it, we took action against it and removed the server. The company didn't respond to the request for more information.

Between responding to user- reported messages and actively finding and removing server and users, the moderation team splits its time. The approach to moderation was created after it was learned that white supremacists had used the app to organize the Unite the Right rally.

The company wrote last year that they have spent a lot of time since last year trying to make sure that another event isn't planned on the platform.

According to a PC Gamer story from that year, Discord was mostly relying on user reports to moderate its platform and not actively monitoring private or public server. The moderation team at the company can read private messages, but only when a user reports them.

Buffalo police said the attack was being investigated as a hate crime. According to CNN, the suspect said he was targeting a Black community and that 11 of the people he shot were Black.

The suspect is said to have used a video game to plan the attack. Video of the assault was broadcast live on twitch, which claims to have stopped the stream less than two minutes after the violence began.