Jeff Bridges had to fight cancer before he could finish filming. The series took three years to make it to television because of that.

In the new trailer, Bridges portrays Dan Chase, a former CIA operative who got out of the game a long time ago. Dan has been living under the radar for decades to protect himself and his daughter. Dan's period of peace is about to be shattered when an assassin tracks him down. Dan simply can't abide that kind of thing.

HaroldHarper is the FBI assistant director for Counterintelligence. Harold believes that it is better for everyone if Dan is taken out before he can ruin any long-held secrets. Dan needs to die in order to protect national security. He sent a highly trained special ops contractor to finish the job.

Dan has formed a strong connection with a woman who had the misfortune of renting him a room. When Dan's enemies catch up with him, she stays with him and enters a dangerous world that she could never have imagined.

Jeff Bridges in The Old Man.

The series features Bill Heck as Young Dan Chase, EJ Bonilla as Agent Raymond Waters, and Pej Vahdat as Young Hamzad.

The Old Man is a novel by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine. On June 16th, the series will premiere on FX, and on the following day, it will be available on the internet.

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