Watch free movies and TV shows with ads on Freevee.
Image: Amazon

Amazon Freevee, the ad-supported streaming service formally known as IMDb TV, now has an Apple TV app. Freevee was previously available on Apple TV within the Prime Video app, but now it has its own app that you can download from the App Store for the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

Bosch: Legacy and Pretty Hard Cases are two of the shows Freevee offers access to. Freevee recently signed a new deal with Disney that will allow it to show movies like The Post and Deadpool 1 and 2, as well as an exclusive channel that only plays Kim's Convenience. It's hard to complain that you won't be able to pick which episode you want to watch. The app is available on a number of platforms, including Apple TV, as well as on other platforms.

There are many reasons for Amazon to invest in its free streaming even as it spends a lot on Prime Video content. At its NewFronts presentation for advertisers earlier this month, Amazon revealed it is testing virtual product placement in original shows on both networks.

Virtual Product Placement in the Amazon TV show Bosch
Virtual Product Placement in the Amazon TV show Bosch.
Image: Amazon

Instead of putting the product on the set somewhere, it is added in post-production. The post doesn't say if it will swap them for something else or if it will switch out a bag of M&M's for someone who wants to pay for a placement in two years.

Freevee is not the only free and ad-supported streaming service. YouTube recently added thousands of episodes of TV to its free, ad-supported offerings, while the Roku Channel has been investing heavily in it. Companies are using ads to subsidize their streaming services. Ad-supported tiers are in the works for Disney Plus, as well as for other services.