Musk wants to figure out how many fake accounts there are on the social media platform by asking users to count them individually, a plan that experts say is a fool.

Experts are now convinced that Musk is trying to troll us because his plan sounded so crazy.

Musk made headlines again late last Friday when he said that the deal was on hold for the time being because of the calculation that fake accounts represent less than five percent of users.

He added later that he is still committed to acquisition.

The move was seen as Musk trying to back out of the $44 billion deal.

When he takes over the company, Musk promised to put an end to them once and for all. All real humans will be verified on the platform by the billionaire.

Musk suggested in a Friday post that his team would do a random sample of 100 followers.

Pick any account with a lot of followers. I am open to better ideas.

His scheme is methodologically simple.

Many, including Moskovitz, were quick to point out that the billionaire's approach isn't random and far too small of a sample.

Moskovitz wondered how they would decide if one was fake.

Musk's latest comments prove that he has done little homework to understand the thing he is willing to buy for tens of billions of dollars.

Is Musk, the world's biggest troll, messing with us yet again?

University of Washington professor Carl Bergstrom, who co-authored a book on the public misunderstanding of data, told CNBC that they may be less likely to follow this account to avoid detection.

Moskovitz said that he can't believe that Musk is doing anything other than messing with us.

The theory that Musk is messing with us gained steam on Monday after Parag Agrawal attempted to set the record straight in a lengthy thread.

Musk is making it out to be a simple question, but it is far more complicated than that.

Our internal estimates for the last four quarters were all under five percent, and not even possible to know which accounts are counted.

Musk decided to offer up next to nothing in terms of meaningful or constructive feedback, a move he has become known for over the years.

Musk replied to a person who asked if he had tried just calling them.

He followed up with a poop symbol.

Musk seems to have very little interest in resolving the problem of fake accounts.

The billionaire CEO has shown no faith in the people who are running the social networking site. The exact estimation process was shared by the company's executives with Musk personally.

Musk's comments show that we don't know much about his intentions. It's a messy negotiation that could get even messier, which comes at a great cost to the company.

Musk wants to know how many fake accounts there are, but experts say his approach is wrong.

Musk wants to meet his Chinese doppelgnger.