Ecobee is planning to release a new HomeKit-compatible smart thermostat model with a premium design and built-in air quality monitoring, according to a product listing on home improvement retailer Lowe's website in Canada.

Ecobee's new Smart Thermostat Premium appears to have an improved design with a glass front and brushed metal enclosure. All existing Ecobee thermostats have a plastic design with a white back cover.

A new built-in air quality sensor that monitors your indoor air quality is one of the new features found in the Smart Thermostat Premium.

Like other Ecobee models, the Smart Thermostat Premium will be compatible with Apple's smart home platform HomeKit, and support voice commands for tasks such as setting the temperature.

The product listing shows that the Smart Thermostat Premium will be compatible with a number of automation platforms.

Ecobee is planning a lower-end Smart Thermostat Enhanced, which may be a successor to its current Ecobee3 lite, according to a product listing on the Lowe's Canada website. The model does not have a built-in air quality monitoring feature, it has a plastic design, and lacks voice control.

Ecobee has yet to officially announce the Smart Thermostat Premium or Smart Thermostat Enhanced, and Lowe's product listings do not reveal any pricing or availability information, but both thermostats will likely launch in the near future. Ecobee's existing Smart Thermostat with Voice Control was on sale for $199.99, down from $249.99, but it is currently out of stock on the company's U.S. website.