If a delivery robot gets lost in the woods and nobody finds it, we lost the metaphor.

The internet was delighted over the weekend when a British history professor made a hilarious discovery during his morning bike ride: a six-wheeled delivery robot, driving by its lonesome self along a forested path.

It is not clear what company it belonged to. Given the location, Northampton in the UK, the robot was built by a well-established player in the field that has expanded its footprint considerably in the area.

Lost Boys

The poor little bot is not the first to run into trouble.

Some of them have been getting stuck on curbs, while others have died underneath freight trains.

In another domain, robot vacuums have gone astray. One vacuum narrowly escaped a Travelodge hotel in Cambridge, UK, back in January.

There is a good chance that lost delivery robots will become a common sight in the future. The use of the tech skyrocketed during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which gave cities in China ways to make deliveries without spreading germs.

In March alone, Starship raised $100 million, signaling a major appetite among investors for the microwave-sized robots.

If wheelie bins end up getting lost in the woods, it may be time to learn how to point them in the right direction.

Delivery Robots are great because they don't smoke on the job, according toAlibaba.