Should a Drew Brees NFL return be taken seriously? (1:04)

Dan is not taking a Drew Brees return very seriously. 1:04

New Orleans Saints coach Dennis Allen says a cryptic tweet by Drew Brees, who teased a possible return to football, was probably made in jest.

He said he may play football again as a result of the social media stir he created Sunday night.

He retired from football in March of 2021. The New York Post reported on Sunday that the quarterback will not return to NBC in the year 2022.

Despite speculation from media about my future this fall, I'm currently undecided. I may work for NBC, I may play football again, I may focus on business and philanthropy, I may train for the pickleball tour, senior golf tour, coach my kids or all of the above. I'll let you know

— Drew Brees (@drewbrees) May 15, 2022

Allen said at the Hall of Fame golf tournament that there have been no discussions about a comeback by the quarterback in New Orleans.

I think it was a joke, and we haven't had any discussions about that, Allen said.

In career passing yards and touchdown passes, Brees is second to Tom Brady.

Allen was asked if he still believes that Brees can perform at a high level in the NFL.

Allen said he doesn't want to live in those hypothetical worlds right now.

The Saints missed the playoffs due to injuries and inconsistent quarterback play.

The starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints is expected to be Jameis Winston in 2022.