• The man, who had only moved into the town of Abu in October 2020, was mistakenly given $359,000 in April.

  • The ADU movement has been given a boost by several trends combined and reinforced in recent years.

  • It is time to end insomnia and poor sleep. The genius sleep patch invention will help you wake up refreshed.

  • Omid Scobie wrote a book about Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, who told the Queen they didn't want to stand on the balcony.

  • Women stand to gain the most if the student loan system is reformed to reduce the financial burden on borrowers.

  • It is legal this time.

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    Saving for retirement is all about investing, and capital gains taxes can eat up a significant portion of your earnings each year.

  • Kinsey told Entertainment Weekly that it felt wrong and that it would ruin the office world.

  • The increasing competition for talent may be pushing Goldman Sachs to offer more flexible leave policies.

  • There are a couple of royal wannabes.

  • Users on social media voted for the best drone of 2022, and the final offer is a massive 60% discount. The prices will never go as low. Soon, the offer ends.

  • Sara Puhto told Insider that she posts honest images to remind people that their body isn't a trend, so please don't treat it like one.

  • A year ago, a boxer named LOGAN PAUL challenged a legendary fighter.

  • This trial is for fun.

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  • The teen was hit by a train.

  • When a woman shoplifts, shortchanges waitstaff and sneaks into musical events, friendship ends.

  • According to Sky News, Christopher Steele said his sources told him that Putin was badly ill and that it was affecting his decision-making.

  • Few know that Amazon has millions of Prime subscribers.

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    A federal judge in Kansas ruled that a public middle school at the Fort Riley Army base could not prevent a teacher from telling a class about their gender identity.

  • He was a suspect when the body was found. This man is charged with murder.

  • AZCentral | The Arizona Republic

    A baseball player punched an opponent.

  • Americans don't like overpaying on purchases. At checkout, this trick could save you hundreds.

  • The pop star performed in Buffalo, New York, just hours after the massacre and led his audience in a moment of silence.

  • The victim was in a hospital in critical condition after she was held captive and tortured at a home in a private community in Clinton County.

  • In honor of her birthday, actress, writer, and activist, Amber Tamblyn, took to social media to request that her followers attend a march for reproductive rights.