A 9-year-old white boy came to the front porch of a neighbor and demanded to confront a black child in the home. The Ring camera video of the moment went viral after it was posted to social media.

Ring camera captures 9-year-old at a Black family’s home. Wife captures her husband confronting the boy’s father. (Ring Camera/Nash Cellphone Footage)
Ring camera captures 9-year-old at a Black family’s home. Wife captures her husband confronting the boy’s father. (Ring Camera/Nash Cellphone Footage)

The parents of the Black girl, Carissa Nash and her husband, Dee Nash, posted a video to highlight how local law enforcement told them the boy is too young to face criminal penalties. Bryan Thomas Brunson would be arrested for his actions after the incident, but the boy's father is not.

Carissa wrote of the incident that took place on Thursday, May 12 in Kaufman County Texas, where a kid came to her door with a whip looking for her 9-year-old daughter.

She told them what happened when they went to the child's home. The two of them went to talk to the child and his family about the damages done to their vehicle.

The boy's father told him to lie and not be home, but minutes later the man came to the door with a gun.

She wrote that he almost shot himself and his daughter standing behind him.

The couple posted a video of their visit to the 9-year-old's home.

Dee is talking to the father who says that he has had beef with Dee before and that's why he has a pistol. Dee tried to show the man the Ring video of what happened at their home, but he was told to leave his property.

An argument ensues between the two men in the driveway, and the boy's father places the firearm on the ground. The camera records the sound of the shot when he pulls the gun.

Carissa is heard saying that all is violent.

The boy was too young to face criminal charges and the Nashes called the police.

The Chief Administrator of the Kaufman County Precinct 2 confirmed that the bullet almost hit the daughter of the man who was standing behind him. The father was charged with a felony.

The Nashes, who have made multiple somewhat inconsistent social media posts about why the boy was at their door, say it all started because the upset boy claimed he got into a fight with the couple's 13-year-old son.

The son would not have been able to be involved because he and the other child attend separate schools.

Dee Nash said that the kid claimed as he was walking home that he was jumped by our son. The 9-year-old leaves school two hours later. There is no way our son could have seen this kid.

According to the Nashes, this is not the first time they have encountered this boy and he has claimed that his son has attacked him before. The blond child's father says he has posted on social media about the child for years.

The white boy and their 9-year-old daughter had tussled earlier that day, according to Dee and Carissa Nash.

The father shared that the 9-year-old kid was saying rude things.

The boy yelled racial slurs at the other kids.

The child took his skateboard and started hitting the other children around him. He hit one girl and her brother beat him up.

Carissa said that there was a brother who got in there and said that he had to defend his sister. He was hitting my sister.

The couple claims that the 9-year-old hit the Nashes' daughter, Jordan, and she defended herself.

The child was angry that the girl was fighting back. She was fighting the child and another boy pushed him into the water. He viciously attacked Jordan when he got up.

Jordan came home and told Carissa what had happened. The boy came to the door while they were talking.

A Ring camera located on the door of the Nash family captured a boy banging on the door. He snapped the whip at the door when he had it in his hands.

He was waiting for someone to answer his phone. Carissa chastised him for disrespecting her home when she opened the door. She is heard on the clip saying, "Little boy, you better get your ass up and off my porch before I call the police, beating on my door like this!" You need to leave, I will call the police. Don't beat me like that. Go!

He was upset as he left the property.