Erin WalshMay 15, 2022
Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Is it possible to call the New York Jets the New Jersey Jets? The New York Giants are called the New Jersey Giants. Two fans have filed a lawsuit to accomplish that.

Two football fans are requesting in their $6 billion lawsuit against the Jets and Giants that the two teams drop New York from their names because they play in New Jersey.

The federal court complaint was filed last month.

"New York City is the Big Apple, home of the Statue of Liberty, ... Wall Street and the stock market, Broadway musicals ticker-tape parades ... MetLife Stadium is located in the swamps of East Rutherford, NJ ... , which has a population under 10,000, the 116th largest city in New Jersey. It's not exactly an exciting and romantic destination[,] and the Giants, Jets and MetLife Stadium have absolutely no connection whatsoever with the city, county or state of New York."

The two people in the case claim that false advertising and other deceptive practices resulted in them believing the teams still played in New York.

They spent a lot of money to see the Jets and Giants play in New Jersey. One of the people in the case said he spent more time traveling to the game than watching it at the stadium.

The lawsuit was amended last month to request that both teams move out of New Jersey and back to New York. Both teams and the NFL laughed off the request.

The Giants left New York in 1976 after agreeing to a deal with the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority to play their home games at a brand-new stadium in New Jersey.

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The New York Yankees and Big Blue shared a home and the Yankees wanted their own stadium.

The Jets moved to New Jersey and shared Giants Stadium with the G-men. Gang Green's lease with the New York Mets expired at the end of the 1983 season.

The Jets moved to New Jersey after they couldn't agree on a new lease to play at Shea Stadium.

The Jets and Giants have played at the stadium.