Chances are we all saw something that we really liked. For some, it was a future line of phones, a watch, earbuds, and eventually a tablet by the company. The lack of fanfare around these products and the reactions from people who expected more of it stood out to me.

I know a lot of people who like new mobile hardware and how it's done. I am one of those people. I want my phone to be simple and stay out of my way until I want to interact with it. This has always been a good thing for the company when it comes to its phones, and some people think that they lack features, but that is a good thing. Others think the mix is correct.

Regardless of where you fit in, you are probably never going to buy a phone or a watch from a company that uses the same name. The Pixel 6 may have sold more than the other two, but without any numbers, we can only guess that the other two sold more phones. We would probably be correct.

This doesn't matter because Google doesn't care about selling hardware. Offering more, possibly better, is not going to change that.


Google's business is eyeballs

Google AdSense

(Image credit: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central)

It is easy to think of the company as a software or services company. Everyone knows about or uses the internet. Those are essential services that many people rely on and that is why they are watched closely by Google.

For the end- user, Search, YouTube, and Gmail are free. You can buy a premium subscription to YouTube, but you don't have to use Gmail in the paid version of GSuite. The majority of people using these services do not pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Google's business is ads. Plain and simple.

The more people who use Gmail or Search the more money they make for the company.

You can either pay for an ad-free experience or see an ad when you watch a video on YouTube. Most people don't use an ad-blocker. You can see ads in Search and in your inbox. It seems that companies really want to see ads for their products, and that's why they show ads everywhere, and that's why they get results from how it profiles each and every user.

Advertisers flock to Google because Google gets results.

Those eyeballs are using different screens to see those ads. The results and data are what it wants. As a consumer, it's easy to imagine a rivalry between the two, but as a company, they love each other the same way. More screens from more companies means more eyeballs.

It is not possible for Google to make its own products better at what it cares about because screens and eyeballs are what matters. It can make hardware for its own fans and make money doing it.

Determining success

Pixel 4a and iPhone 12 mini

(Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

There is no way to tell how many products have been sold or how much money has been made while doing it. Most people think that those numbers are not very flattering, because they don't give out those numbers.

I am confident that the hardware division is not hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate. When that happens, assets are sold to another company, as was the case with the sale of tech and employees from Moto andHTC.

A struggling hardware division isn't a danger to a company the size of Google.

I think that the halo products of the Pixel phones, earbuds, watches, and even Chromebooks are just a way for the company to show off how it thinks a thing should be done and to keep a small number of consumers happy.

I am not saying that this is a bad thing. I use a Pixel phone and I think the Pixelbook Go is the best Chromebooks you can buy. I may be in the minority, but I am happy because of the help I get from the internet company.

That could be a success story for the company. I don't like the products, but people who want them can buy them and still like them after the purchase. It is not always about money when it comes to the small parts of a big operation. It is about keeping people happy.

Google will continue its Pixel line for its fans

Some people will buy the Pixel Watches when they arrive. Most of them will enjoy them. I might be one of them if either of them can do something great. You could be one of them as well. Either way, they will continue to be made and sold by Google.