Rick Osterloh with Pixel family of devices

(Image credit: Google)

There were a lot of announcements at the two-day developer conference. The highlight of the show was the amount of announcements that were given to get us through the summer, fall, and even 2023.

Did you watch the keynote? Which device are you most excited for?

The devices were expected at the event. The same design as its flagship brethren, the Pixel 6a is arriving soonest. It will be powered by the same flagship-tier Tensor chipset, which is impressive for a phone that starts at $449. You will still get great performance and good battery life even though there are some compromises.

The ANC Pixel Buds Pro will be arriving alongside the Pixel 6a this summer and will finally give us the Buds we have been asking for. They will last up to 31 hours with the included charging case, and they look pretty good.


We were given a very early glimpse of the devices we will be getting this fall. The design of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will be similar to the design of the Pixel 6 series, but they won't have a matt finish like we were initially told. We don't know if they will feature a similar camera setup or not. We probably don't know much about the upcoming flagships and the Pixel Watch. It will be the first Wear OS device to feature a Fitbit integration. It is exciting to know that the long-awaited Pixel Watch is coming.

We were given an extremely early look at the upcoming device. It is simple and doesn't scream premium, but it will compete with the best tablets on the market. We will not get a launch until sometime in 2023. Andrew Myrick was a big fan of the Pixel Tablet because it spoke to the commitment of the company to improve the experience of tablets.

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