The Z24m comes with a 5MP tiltable webcam.
Image: HP

HP's upcoming 23.8-inch Z 24m monitor is geared toward creative professionals and comes with a webcam that tracks your movement to keep you in the frame during video calls, much like Apple's Center stage feature in its Studio display and some iPads. Ars Technica points out that the Z 24m's 5MP tiltable webcam sits at the top of the monitor, which is supposed to put its focus on you even if other people are in the background.

An HP spokesman told Ars Technica that you can change the settings on theWebcam to make it track you quicker. You can hide theWebcam from view if you push it down from the monitor. The Z 24m has dual noise-canceling microphones and dual speakers that could eliminate the need for external headphones and a microphone. The Z 24m has a panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1200, a 90Hz refresh rate, a 5ms response time, and support for HDR.

The Z24m is set for release in July

The monitor supports HP's Awake and Auto Lock functions. This feature uses a built-in proximity sensor to detect when you are in front of the screen. If you enable the feature, the monitor will lock itself when you walk away and turn it on when you return.

It's not clear how HP's webcam tracking feature compares to Apple's Center Stage, which uses machine learning technology to keep you in the center of the screen. The studio display comes with the A13 chip from the iPhone 11 and other features. Apple has pushed a software update to address some issues with the webcam, but it still hasn't been fully fixed.

There isn't any pricing information for the Z 24m just yet. The Z 24q, a monitor with similar specifications but no video conferencing features, is being released by HP this month. If that is any indication of the Z 24m's price, it will likely be less expensive than the studio display's price.