Do you want to know what shows people watched this week? You have come to the right place.

With so much TV out there, it can be useful to see what others think about something. Looking at the most-streamed TV shows can help you find your next favorite show, or encourage you to check out the series everyone has been suggesting.

The top 10 most popular shows of the past week are broken down by Reel Good, which pulls viewing figures from streaming services in the U.S. and UK. There is a piece of news that may not be all that surprising, and that is that Marvel is back on top.

1. Moon Knight

A man in a white superhero suit stands over bodies in the sand.

Oscar Isaac in "Moon Knight." Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios

Moon Knight is a movie that embraces the chaos and features a heroic performance by Oscar Isaac as a gift shop worker and a tough-as-nails mercenary. Steven and Marc share the same body, which they use to deliver justice on behalf of the Egyptian moon god. The series brings the MCU places it has never been before. The finale may have aired, but we will always remember Steven and Marc. Alligators!

Moon Knight stands out as an original and entertaining TV show that could equally delight hardcore fans and those who just want to know what TV show everyone is going to be talking about. Moon Knight has elements of Fight Club, Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Doctor Who, all rolled up into a sleek and beautifully shot package that is all but guaranteed to become social media's newest obsession.

Moon Knight is on Disney+.

2. Outer Range

A man in a cowboy hat and a woman shake hands.

Josh Brolin and Imogen Poots in "Outer Range." Credit: Richard Foreman / Amazon Studios

One of the most popular new shows of the week is Outer Range. Royal Abbott is a rancher who discovers a black hole on his land. What is the deal with the hole? Who is the mysterious drifter Autumn? What happened to Rebecca, Royal's daughter-in-law? All eight episodes of Outer Range are available on Prime.

Outer Range is on Prime Video.

3. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

We are heading back to the final frontier. The newest Star Trek spin-off takes place in the decade before the original series. Captain Christopher pike, Spock, and more are on their way to the strange new worlds of the universe.

There are new episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds every Thursday.

4. The Staircase

A man and a woman holding a coffee cup look upwards

Colin Firth and Toni Collette in "The Staircase." Credit: HBO Max

The first true crime drama on this list is The Staircase. Colin Firth plays a novelist who is involved in the murder of Kathleen Peterson, played by Toni Collette. Depicting scenes of family life with the Petersons before Kathleen's death to the trial and its aftermath, The Staircase was the most watched show.

To describe the total dehumanization process that every single real-life person connected to this awful death underwent during their decades in the public eye is what we thought to be called The Staircase. The final stage of the tragedy-exploitation machine feels like the dramatization. Kathleen, Michael, and their kids are reduced to fictional characters for our entertainment consumption, but it also adds colorful new characters like real-life prosecutor Freda Black.

There are new episodes of The Staircase every Thursday.

5. Under the Banner of Heaven

Andrew Garfield is in his first appearance on prestige TV in Under the Banner of Heaven, a true crime miniseries based on Jon Krakauer's book. The Mormon Church may have had something to do with the murder of a mother and her baby.

There are new episodes of Under the Banner of Heaven every Thursday.

6. Bosch: Legacy

A man sits at a desk looking through black and white photographs.

Titus Welliver in "Bosch: Legacy" Credit: Tyler Golden

Bosch may be over, but he is still kicking. Bosch is working as a private investigator and occasionally doing work for a defense attorney. The show follows his daughter as she becomes a police officer.

Bosch: Legacy can be watched on FreeVee from Prime, with new episodes every Friday.

7. Ozark

A man leaning forward in a chair.

Jason Bateman in "Ozark." Credit: Netflix

The saga of the Byrde family is over now that the last episodes of Ozark are on the internet. We discover the fates of Marty, Wendy, Ruth, and all the criminals they have tangled with over the years in the final season of the show.

You can now watch Ozark on the internet.

8. Candy

A woman in a blue dress and round glasses.

Jessica Biel in "Candy." Credit: Hulu

Is there more true crime on this list? Candy follows a real-life murder case. Candy Montgomery was accused of murdering her friend Betty Gore by hitting her with an axe 41 times.

Candy is now available to watch on the internet.

9. Better Call Saul

A man in a suit standing next to a car and a neon sign that says "dining room."

Bob Odenkirk in "Better Call Saul." Credit: Greg Lewis / AMC / Sony Pictures Television

You are not alone if you missed Saul Goodman. One of the most popular shows of the week is the Breaking Bad prequel. The rest of the cast is excellent, as are Odenkirk, Seehorn, and Banks. It feels like the gang is getting back together now that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are confirmed to appear.

The stakes have never been higher for several key players. Reputations, relationships, and lives are on the line, and mounting tension in the first two episodes alone exposes seldom-seen sides of characters we thought we had all figured out.

Better Call Saul can be watched on AMC+ and on the internet.

10. The Pentaverate

A man in knight armor and glasses

Mike Myers in "The Pentaverate." Credit: Netflix

Who would have thought that a joke from his 1993 comedy So I Married An Axe Murderer would be the basis for a whole TV series? People are watching it now that he did it. The series follows the secret society, a powerful organization that runs the world.

The Pentaverate is now available to watch on the internet.