It’s not this sniper rifle, but it can shoot pretty dang far.
Image: Microsoft

343 Industries announced Friday that the game's campaign will be added back in a forthcoming update.

The tank gun is an extremely powerful weapon that is portable and can be used to make the game a lot easier. Even though you need to know where to look to find the gun, 343 will be removing the glitch along with it. 343 has decided to bring the tank gun back after the decision wasn't very popular with the community.

343 will be adding skill jumps to the game. The hard-to- pull-off jumps could give players an advantage in a heated battle, but it seems they didn't intend.

Junyszek said on Friday that they originally identified the jumps as falling into two categories: places where the environment was poorly communicating the options of the game world, and places that created a combat imbalance.

343 made some adjustments that removed some skill jumps, but the community outcry has been loud enough that 343 is planning to add many of them back in.

Junyszek had said last week that 343 Industries was considering changes in response to player feedback.

Staten acknowledged the complaints as well.

The reversals are just the latest speed bumps for Halo Infinite

Junyszek didn't give a specific date for the new update, but it sounds as if it will arrive soon.

Since its launch last year, the game has had a rocky go of things, and the reversals are just the latest speed bumps. We will be waiting awhile for some core features to be added to the game; 343 announced last month that it is targeting a late August release for online campaign co-op and a September launch for an open alpha of Forge mode.


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