• Several people crashed to the ground when a 10-meter-high waterslide collapsed in a video caught by a park-goer. In a 17-second clip of the incident, which was shared to Facebook by Indonesian social media content outlet Noodou, portions of the water slide can be seen tumbling to the ground. There was an incident at Kenjeran Park on May 7.

  • The two Chinese brothers traveled 22 miles to bring their mother home from the hospital. South China Morning Post reported that the sons of her needed to think of a better way to get her to their home in China.

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  • Customers are encouraged to report pricing violations via social media.

  • Several products have been recalled due to the cancer risk. Last spring, Valisure, a small Connecticut lab, announced that it had found benzene.

  • The Port Authority imposed new pricing standards for concessions at airports.

  • Users on social media voted for the best drone of 2022, and the final offer is a massive 60% discount. The prices will never go as low. Soon, the offer ends.

  • The users of TikTok were extra fond of this dad.

  • David Ware was sentenced to death.

  • According to court documents, the man told police that he had taken a life and needed to be punished.

  • Many people might be surprised by the prices of VoIP phones.

  • A mother captured a touching moment when her son was taught how to ride a bike by his friends.

  • Conlin Weyer appeared before a judge in Madison on Friday for his involvement in the Jan 6 riot in Washington, D.C.

  • An email from Laura Raeder told parents that Annie Lanning had died.

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  • According to a grand jury report released this week, Oklahoma's Pardon and Parole Board was so focused on releasing inmates that it cut corners and ignored internal processes that ultimately led to the release of an inmate who was later charged with three counts of first-degree murder. The final report by the Oklahoma County Grand Jury was requested by the Oklahoma County District Attorney in October and covered several investigations, including a probe into a tag agency that led to felony charges against a sitting state lawmaker and his wife. The meeting Gov. Kevin Stitt had with a group of people he ultimately appointed to the board was described by the grand jury as grossly improper.

  • Grey told Drew that sometimes chemistry doesn't make sense in life, but it makes sense between the sheets.

  • The case attracted international attention.

  • A new solution is said to restore your leather items back to their original condition. Don't throw old leather items out.

  • Just months after Calif., this arrest comes. The governor introduced a new plan to fight and prevent crime in the state as it faces a spike in smash-and-grab thefts.

  • It is the end of an era.

  • In December 2021, Anderson said that her daughter was rushed to the hospital after attempting the challenge.

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    Blankenship was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Paul Edmonds, the owner of Diamond Stamp and Coins.

  • The importance of returning integrity, respect, and civility to the White House was the focus of the majority of the conversation. While trying to answer all the questions thrown at her during the last press interaction at the White House, Paski remarked that she could not comment on private transactions involving private investors.

  • The suspension makes Illinois the latest state to penalize Carvana over practices that include providing out-of-state temporary license plates to customers and failure to get their vehicles permanently registered in time.