• Several people crashed to the ground when a 10-meter-high waterslide collapsed in a video caught by a park-goer. In a 17-second clip of the incident, which was shared to Facebook by Indonesian social media content outlet Noodou, portions of the water slide can be seen tumbling to the ground. There was an incident at Kenjeran Park on May 7.

  • David Ware was sentenced to death.

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    Saving for retirement is all about investing, and capital gains taxes can eat up a significant portion of your earnings each year.

  • The two Chinese brothers traveled 22 miles to bring their mother home from the hospital. South China Morning Post reported that the sons of her needed to think of a better way to get her to their home in China.

  • "It should be that this is a forum for people to ask difficult questions Monday through Friday," Psaki said.

  • A father drops his groceries in the store after getting a frantic text from his daughter during the shooting at Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

  • Users on social media voted for the best drone of 2022, and the final offer is a massive 60% discount. The prices will never go as low. Soon, the offer ends.

  • A bride made a terrible mistake during her wedding ceremony when she forgot half her dress.

  • We wanted to know if fans of four losing MLB teams feel like they're not welcome.

  • The company is being accused of causing harm to women.

  • A new solution is said to restore your leather items back to their original condition. Don't throw old leather items out.

  • The killing of babies in the womb should be legal in this country, according to Korie Robertson.

  • A couple in Tennessee woke up to find a dog in their bed. They realized the dog was not dangerous. They posted about their strange guest on Facebook, and the story went viral, and helped them find their owners.

  • Rents are up 4.8% from a year ago, while housing costs have jumped by 5.1%, the fastest annual pace since 1991.

  • Many people might be surprised by the prices of VoIP phones.

  • I didn't have any relevant work experience, I had the same job at the same store in a different city.

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    He decided to take his prize in a lump sum.

  • Many people are wondering if they should get a second booster now or wait a while.

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    Search for a backup battery. Compare online with top sales. Save money and time.

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    Tom Brady has a 7-1 record against the Bengals, but he hasn't faced them since he left the Pats.

  • The seasoned workforce is willing to work. With the current labor shortage, they should not be overlooked.

  • Biden officials offered new details on how they plan to spend $45 billion to upgrade America's spotty broadband infrastructure.

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    As it happens, a real story. Register for free now.

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    The baseball coach pleaded his case after Queen Creek forfeited its 6A playoff win over Hamilton for using an illegal pitcher.

  • A blend of beer and alcohol into one.

  • There is also a list of places in Oregon.